Sigma says "At least I didn't go into the collection process."
Massimo says "Sigma, I beg you to continue for my sack"
Sigma says "it involves a tractor beam."
Massimo says "Sake, rather"
Bass says "Massimo's sack demands vengeance"
Axl says "........."
Massimo says "No it doesn't!"
Sigma says ".. and a system not unlike reverse osmosis."
Axl bursts out laughing.
Sigma says "massimo's sack all angry and shi."
Massimo says "I am not speaking again. I'm breaking my own freaking mind"
Sigma says "I can just imagine, like a cartoon potato."
Sigma says "<>:(!3"
Bass says "asdf;ksdjfhsdlfkjsd"
Bass says "my kids are asking why I am laughing so hard"
Light hahaha
Massimo says "You know what would make that even more awkward"
Bass says "what am I supposed to tell them Sigma?!?!?!?!"
Sigma says "just tell them angry potatos"
Ferham has connected.
Sigma says "angry potatoes..."
Axl snickers
Sigma says "Just making faces."
Bass's sides hurt
Bass says "oh god"
Sigma says "just like 'HEY!! C_C I WANT VENGEANCE!!'"
Sigma says "this deep muffled voice from massimo's pants boiling up, like an angry sailor."
Sigma says "or laurence fishburne."
Sigma says "That might be the best voice for a man's sack."
Bass XD
Sigma says "Laurence Fishburne: #1 Voice in Nuts"
Massimo says "Can I ever enter a conversation and not have someone going on about what I have in my pants????!!!!"
Bass says "oh god"
Bass says "You're popular, Massimo."
Sigma says "Well, Massimo."
Bass says "Consider it a compliment."
Massimo says "I want people to like me for who I am, not for what I have!"
Sigma says "I can't help."
Sigma says "That your pants got in my way."
Sigma says "LIKE A SNORLAX"
Sigma says "and I am not playing THAT flute to get it out of the way!! C_C"
Massimo strikes Bass, Axl and Sigma with his Why Can't you love me for me?! attack
Bass says "Now you know my pain, Massimo"
Bass says "Now you know my pain."

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