22XX MUSH Credits

Current Staff: Christopher H, Big, Quantum Hyena (headwiz)

Theme Design: Cherna Gast, Christopher H, William Barnes, Justin R, RayNC, Elmer, Lloyd C, Hitoshi Ariga, CAPCOM, and especially Keiji Inafune!

Coding: Cherna Gast, Quantum Hyena, Ashen-Shugar

Translation of Source Material: Rockman Tanjou (, Suzaku, Elmer, Wolfpack Subs, Viz Manga, DATS Fansubs, Dr. Neko

Building: Cherna Gast

Wiki: Cherna Gast, Big, Scanner Bat, Eric M

Feature Character Designs: Capcom, Cherna Gast, Tsukai

News Files: Cherna Gast, William Barnes, Quantum Hyena

Inspiration and Support Provided by: Ashen-Shugar (RhostMUSH), William Barnes, Mark, Christopher, RayNC, Scott Wily, Elmer, Disgrunted Ferret, Ertai@StH, J. Ward, Sid Meier, Frank Herbert, Adolus Huxtley, John Scalzi, Hitoshi Ariga, Capcom

Special Thanks To Our Beta Testers: Kuroji, Ertai, Netto, William Barnes, Drium Yrvak, Shift Man, Ray, Cheesemage, Angstpuppets, Khroan, Jeff, Len, Suzaku, Roll, and Aasimar.

And Thanks to All Our Players for making it all worth it!

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