Current PlotsEdit

Template - Plot TitleEdit

Summary of PlotEdit

Edna is sell half-off coffee every Thursday! Coffee for all!

Characters InvolvedEdit

  • Edna the Coffee Lady <== Contact this chick
  • Average Joe
  • Nana's mets

Characters wantedEdit

  • More people to drink coffee
  • Someone willing to hang a "No Fords" sign on the front door and act as bouncer for any possible fire-breathing dragons.
  • Ford, to completely ignore said sign.

Finished PlotsEdit

Template - Free Coffee Wednesdays!Edit

Summary of PlotEdit

Edna is sell half-off coffee every Wednesday! Coffee for all!

Characters InvolvedEdit

Edna the Coffee Lady <== Contact this chick

Average Joe

Nana's mets

Plot ExpositionEdit

Much coffee was had by Average Joe, Edna, and Nana's mets. Ford showed up but was chased off by Nana's mets. Enough of the coffee shop was destroyed that Edna decided to move Free Coffee day to Thursday.

The Results of Bad KarmaEdit

Summary of PlotEdit

Janus' past is catching up with him. The maverick's bounty within the underworld has been rising and a contact is offering information in exchange for his death. With the figure already substantial, it is the information more than the rising reward which has caught the attention of assassins. Rumors in the industry says two have failed already...

Characters InvolvedEdit

  • Janus
  • Various NPCed assassins
  • Tamako

Plot ExpositionEdit

From Netopian News: Reports of a large explosion last night led police and fire marshals to Netopia's warehouse district where reports state severe damages and the charred remains of a robot were found. For reasons unknown, the robot appears to have detonated, but its arm - one of the few pieces that could be examined - was found nearby, cleanly severed from the body. The body of a woman cyborg was found at the scene which police state has been identified as Akhantha, a contract killer wanted for several months for the murder of humans and destruction of reploids across two continents. Police speculate that the explosion may have been caused by a contract gone wrong, as it originated near where the robot's remains were found.

While police are confident in the identity of Akhantha they have stated that, with the scale of the destruction and the size of remains found so far, the robot may never be positively identified.

Meanwhile in the Underworld: In the wake of the explosion in Netopia, a bounty has been removed from circulation in underworld channels. Information on the maverick Janus and the price on his head have both ended - at least from one source. The contract was closed, listing Akhantha as the last and first successful applicant. No bounty was paid out.

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